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Basically the cost for flying a glider are – the cost of the launch and the glider hire.

The tow is charged by the height of the tow.  

The cost of a 2000ft agl tow which is $48

Our club fleet includes 1 two-seater and 2 single seater gliders and 1 tow plane.

The glider rate depends of which of the club machine you fly and is charged by the minute.

Glider hire rates are:

  • ​PW-6 $48 per hour
  • Discus $45 per hour
  • PW-5 $25 per hour - up to a maximum of 3 hours.

(*) Flying members must also have current membership with the Gliding Federation Australia (GFA).


Hangar space

Our club own 4 different hangars to provide safe storage space for club and private owners.

Hangar fees vary from $65 to $95 a month depending on the hangar

We also have available parking space for the gliders’ trailers of the club members.


Camping area

A dedicate grass area is available for caravans.

The caravan fee is $50 a year


Bunk house

We have accommodation in our club house and bunkhouse.

Bunkhouse to non-members is $10 a night.