Are you ready for an exhilarating adventure in the skies? Gliding, also known as soaring, is an incredible air sport that lets you fly unpowered aircraft called gliders or sailplanes. Get ready to experience the freedom of flight and the thrill of using the energy in the atmosphere!

What is a Glider?

A glider is a high-performance aircraft with a remarkable glide ratio. For some gliders; every 60 meters the glider travels through the air, it only loses 1 meter of altitude. That’s the kind of efficiency that allows gliders to stay aloft for extended periods.

Feel the Freedom of Control

In a glider, you have complete control just like in any other aircraft. The only difference is that gliders don’t have engines. Instead, they rely on gravity as their power source. It’s like riding a bicycle down a hill, but with the ability to control the steepness of the descent. Lower the nose to go faster and raise it to slow down. The power is in your hands!

Soaring with the Elements

To take flight, gliders are initially towed to a specific altitude by a powered aircraft or launched with a winch. Once in the air, it’s all about finding the rising air known as thermals. These thermals, created by the sun’s heating of the ground, are full of rising air, right to the top of clouds. Using a variometer to detect thermals, you’ll skillfully circle within them, climbing higher and higher.

Covering Long Distances

Gliding is not just about soaring in circles; it’s about embarking on epic journeys through the sky. By combining thermalling with straight flight, gliders can cover impressive distances. Gain altitude in a thermal, set your course, and gracefully glide towards your destination. Before losing too much altitude, find another thermal to regain height and continue your adventure.

Adventure Awaits at Great Heights

Prepare for breathtaking views as you ascend to incredible heights. Thermals can take you as high as 10,000 feet or more. And if you’re up for a real challenge, try wave flying, where heights of 30,000 feet or more can be achieved. With gliding, the sky is not the limit—it’s your playground!

Safe, Serene, and Exciting

Gliding is both safe and serene. Statistically, it’s as safe as normal airline flying. Gliders are built to stringent strength standards and undergo rigorous maintenance. Structural failures are virtually non-existent. Plus, landing a glider is a breeze, as they can be safely landed in paddocks as short as 150m. Gliding is a unique combination of adventure and tranquility.

Start Your Gliding Journey

Whether you’re a seasoned aviator or someone looking for a new, exciting hobby, gliding is for everyone. Experience the joy of glider flights in a dual-seat training glider to get a taste of the sport. Once you’re hooked, become a member of our club and receive training to become a solo glider pilot. From there, the sky’s the limit as you develop your skills and explore cross-country flights, competitions, and even instructional roles.

Age is Just a Number

Gliding has no age restrictions. As long as you’re in good health, you can learn to glide. From teenagers to individuals in their sixties, gliding is a sport for all ages. It’s never too late to take to the skies and experience the thrill of gliding.

Affordable and Accessible

Gliding is an affordable form of aviation, making it accessible to many enthusiasts. The cost of learning depends on your pace and availability. We operate every weekend with instructors that can impart the skills required to pilot solo. After reaching solo status, there are endless opportunities to further enhance your skills and take on new challenges. Our coaches can guide you into the ever expansive world of cross country soaring, giving you the confidence of knowing where the next thermal is!

Begin Your Gliding Adventure Today

Are you ready to soar through the sky and experience the freedom of gliding? Start your gliding journey by booking an air experience flight in our two-seat glider. Feel the thrill and serenity of flight as you discover the wonders of gliding. Once you’re captivated by the sport, join our club and embark on a training program that will take you to new heights. Don’t let gravity hold you down. Embrace the world of gliding and unlock the sky’s unlimited potential!