Sunday 18th July

Sunday 18th July
On Satrurday Speedy, Brian, PeterP, George were in the air with climbs to around 5-6 thou.
Tony flew with Paul Hogan in PW6 who is getting back into gliding after a break.
Sunday clouds were popping early and launching commenced around 11.30 with a bunch of gliders lining up.
Myself, speedy, scot, Val, George,Tony, Peter P, David K all launched with Brian looking after a Pax in the Pee Wee. Hope I didn't miss anyone.
Everyone made it home after a nice winters day flying with climbs to 7500 and we managed to stretch our wings away from the strip for a nice change.
Pretty cold up high so glad I rugged up.
Laurie Simpkins

Written by : Laurie Simpkins