28-29 November 2020 - busy weekend !

This weekend was not just exceptionally hot it was also exceptionally busy with concurrent AAFC instructor ops and 4 new members and students who  joined us and have started flying with us.

Thank you to Denis, Erich, Clyde and Bob for pitching in with instructing and making the weekend a great success, there were no less than 17 instructional flights on Sunday(!), I believe everyone went home happy. 

Thanks also for our tuggies, Nigel and Mal with support from Phil and Erich.

Coupled with this we had a productive Zoom committee meeting from the clubhouse on Saturday after my own flight getting to 11,000ft south of Killarney. We have made a number of key decisions on the tug engine replacement for early next year. Minutes of the meeting to follow shortly.

David Kinlan

Written by : David Kinlan