Worker bees busy at the clubhouse

Bob Kilpatrick (Facility Manager) and Peter Plunkett organised a working bee seession for Friday 18 September 2020 on the Club House, & Hilton.

Actioned were the following. Kitchen, Lounge, Briefing Room, External Garden Area, Complete mowing and trimming of large tree between Hilton and Clubhouse, PP Patio, Toilets, Bedrooms.

The clubhouse floor was sanded and repainted by Noel.
David H painted anything which was not moving!
Work continued into the weekend and was completed on Sunday afternoon.
The clubhouse will be fit to use for many years ahead.
Many thanks to Bob & Karen, PP, Bruce, Mal, Pat & Denis, John P, Noel, Matt, David K & David H for all their hard work bringing up the clubhouse to spec and for those who helped out who I may have missed.

Written by : David Kinlan