Gareth goes solo!

It was great to get back in the saddle after a few months of downtime thanks to this nasty COVID situation.

On Monday I flew two solo flights with the help of Ivor instructing and Val towing.  And I am proud to say both PeeWee and pilot "arrived" back to earth intact without a hitch.  All in all I spent an hour and sixteen minutes flying a glider around over 6000ft on my lonesome which is quite an surreal and special experience to say the least.  An experience I will remember for many years to come!

Next time I'll be sure to keep an eye on my watch as my second flight was 56minutes - just short of an hour required for one of my certificates I believe?  Val had a little chuckle when I landed and said 'you know if you flew for just four more minutes you would've had an hour up!'  Ah well, Rookie error!

A big shout out to Matty for his great instruction on Sunday which prepped me nicely for Monday's flights (here comes the flying Mango!).  Also a big thanks to Phil, Denis, Tony, Erich, Clyde and Bob for their instruction and encouragement pre COVID lockdown, talk about a team effort, what a club!

I've attached a post solo picture courtesy of Ivor's great photography skills.  Next step A, B and C certs.


Written by : Andres Miramontes