A beautiful day in Paradise

A beautiful day in Paradise

Saturday 1 August was a very busy day at the airfield.

When I arrived there was already plenty of people getting ready for a flying day.

By the time I took BK to the line, there were a couple of flights already done by Matt with Casey and Alex, towed by a very happy Val on board of the Pawnee.

I believe Laurie was the first single seater to launch, followed by Erich and Dieter, Steven Griffin, , myself, Scott, Alex again but this time with WA, Dan, Denis, Tony Scarlett, Brian, I believe followed by Noel on the PW, later on Luke took his daughter and boyfriend for a passenger flight. Sydney brought his new bright sparkling yellow toy first, but later jumped on his glider to do some aerobatics in the air.

Conditions were very weak, but clear skies allowed everyone to enjoy a beautiful flight mostly local. ( I believe our young members did more that a couple each one working hard to get proficient to go Cross Country)

At the end of the day Val reported almost 3 hours on the so it was great to see again the club busy.

I saw Dan taking a few pictures, that will be nice if he can share some of the shots with the rest of the members.


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Written by : Andres Miramontes