Solo Flight In The Discus

Hi All,


On Sunday 19th July I completed my first Solo in the club's Discus (VH-GWA). It was a really nice day out at the airfield with not to much wind. My first flight in the Discus was 13 minutes long. On the launch, I was very surprised at how responsive the controls were. It was a lovely aircraft to fly and definitely a different feel to the PW-6U. During this flight, I did some basic flying to get used to the feel of the aircraft. By the time I had completed these movements I was near circuit joining height, so I came back down. The landing felt amazing and I was told was amazing. I have attached the video of my first landing to this email. Fingers crossed it will send. Let me know if it doesn’t send. If it doesn’t work try this link:


After this flight, I went back up for another flight and stayed up for a while longer with my flight time totalling 1 hour and 4 minutes. I was released at 4000ft indicated. I struggled to find anything and got to around 2900ft and found a decent thermal which took me up to 5500ft and then topped out there. I floated around 5000ft for a while catching the top of thermals and then started to look to come back down. According to Erich, I did another great landing. Overall this was a great flight and I felt really nice in the glider.


I would like to thank Erich, Matt & Val for either towing or instructing me over the weekend. I really appreciated your work and patience with me. I would also like to thank everyone who was out this weekend for making it a very productive weekend for myself and allowing me to get my DI rating signed off as well at the same time.


See you at the airfield.



Alex Fogale


Written by : David Kinlan