weekend gliding 27-28 June


 Another great winters weekend flying at Warwick with both days flyable for around 3 hrs starting from midday and going to 6-7thousand ft eventually. 

Sat saw Carl, Scott, Dan and me all venture to pittsworth and beyond, Tony doing good miles in the K6 and check flights in the Peewee with David up to clifton area. 

Noel also did some PW time between checks I believe and Bob was busy proposing midair while flying the Pukatec .

Congratulations ??

Thanks for the tows nigel


Sunday started looking doubtful to the North and raining in brisbane but cleared up for first launch before midday into a tough but improving sky.

I ventured north a bit low and finally turned pittsworth in an improving sky to run back to the edge of the bad weather on the range just outside the active airspace for a 3 hr flight. 

Did get to hear and see the Cathy 777 over fly pittsworth at 5000ft and he was calling on 127,65 twenty miles out so highly recommend monitoring well before the wellcamp area. 

Big and hard to miss really and quite happy to talk to any aircraft in area re your location and track. 

Back at base Tony checked out a caboulture pilot then jumped in his trusty yellow and blue vintage weapon for a few hrs as well. 

Andre's launched in his discus for a local flight (and hung around till I was in glide home, thanks mate) and Mal launched in his machine and managed over 300 with 12 knots ar one stage I read on his OLC comments. Was landing as I left for home around 4 pm so how about a story mal

A big thank you to Ivor for coming out and towing on a day that looked bad from brisbane. 

Would have hated to miss that flight. 

All round a great weekend and hopefully this one better again. 


Pic credit to Brian who snapped me practicing parachuting in at the end of an enjoyable day's gliding.





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Written by : David Kinlan