Warwick Gliding Club - gliding cancelled until further notice

This direction is written on 25 March 2020.

Over the previous weekend, the committee has sought to preserve the ability to fly for those members who could safely and sensibly do so whilst remaining within the government guidelines of social distancing.

The Prime Minister's statement at 9pm last night essentially requesting the curtailment of all non-essential travel and to stay at home has made it clear that we are only a short time away from a total lockdown as more corona cases become apparent. Under these circumstances, our efforts to keep the door ajar by having independent operators only flying is no longer viable or appropriate.

The committee cannot support the concept that any travel to the airfield in order to go gliding is in any way essential. Our member demographic has a significant number of our members in the high-risk group so any form of social grouping should be avoided.

Many other gliding clubs faced with the same circumstances have recently suspended operations and reluctantly we will also follow suit and consequently there will be no aerotowing at the airfield until further notice

Please follow the government guidelines and stay at home as much as possible.

It will be a long and difficult time ahead before we can once again take to the skies, please take care in the meantime.

David Kinlan
President Warwick Gliding Club

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Written by : David Kinlan