Successful Active Clubs Grant Announcement

Dear Club members,

we have been successful with the Queensland Government Sport and Recreation Grant to purchase new equipment.



Queensland Government Active Clubs Grant



27 February 2020

Dear club members,

we were successful with round 1 of the QLD government Active Clubs $2,000 grant application.

The application was for equipment either off-field or on-field to support our club activities.

Our club can only apply for equipment or training under one category, either:

  • on-field support to help deliver quality physical activity experiences
  • off-field support to improve the ability to manage the organisation.

We intend to purchase an advanced S7 variometer set in the front and back seat of our PW-6 two-seater glider to enhance flying.


David Kinlan

President – Warwick Gliding Club

Written by : David Kinlan