President Blog

Dear club members,

below is the Agenda for the next committee meeting this Saturday. Members are welcome to attend.



Agenda Items

           Approval of previous Minutes

           Confirmation of Committee Decisions (E-votes) made since last meeting

           Incoming & Outgoing correspondence since last meeting

Committee Members Reports

           Presidents Report

           Treasurer Report

  • Balance Sheet (Jan 2020)
  • Profit & Loss statement (Jan 2020)
  • Mid-Year Budget Report

           Tug Master Report

           Airworthiness Officer Report

           Instructor Panel Report

           IT / New website Report

           Secretary Report (new members, voting, etc)

           Previous Action Points

           Review of Action points from previous meeting


Items to discuss

           Proposals to cross-hire a club member’s single seater

           Sourcing a 2nd 2-seater cross-hire Keepits Twin Astir or possible member syndicate

           SDRC Dedicated Glider Runways update

           GFA STF Grant & other grants applied for

           Merchandising / Finalising Club logo

           Date for next committee meeting 

           Any Other Business


Time : 5pm at clubhouse on Saturday 25 January 2020

Written by : Andres Miramontes